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How do we set pricing?

For patient pay collections, MAPs can set the price per collection directly in their portal. Simply navigate to the respective lab and view their panel information. If you are able to edit the price (i.e., there is a pencil), the collection is paid for by the patient and can be set by the MAP. This information will be displayed to the patient during the scheduling process so they are aware of the cost of the collection.

For lab pay collections, the Lab/Client sets the price they are comfortable paying for each collection. If you view the panel information and cannot change the price, that designates a lab pay collection. In the event that market conditions dictate a higher collection price, you can request a custom price by clicking the panel, scrolling down, and entering the requested price. Please note that this is a request that may be approved or denied. If approved, the requested draw fee will display. If denied, you will still be able to collect at the preset price. Should you not want to draw for this lab, you have the ability to remove the connection.