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How do we connect with labs on the platform?

In order to draw for patients on MOMS, your MAP must connect with the Labs/Clients on the network.

Once you've onboarded your MAP to the platform, the next step is to connect with labs to serve as draw sites for patients in your area with a test kit. We've made it easier than ever to connect with Labs/Clients thanks to recent platform updates.

To do so, navigate to the "Labs/Client" menu, and click the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner. You can view the lab's test information by clicking the name, and add them by simply clicking "Add Lab."

A pop-up confirming your connection request will appear, notifying you that by submitting a request to become a collection point for the lab, you agree to share certain business information. You must check both this box, and agree to the Terms & Conditions before submitting the request.

Once the request has been sent, the Lab will receive an email notification that your MAP has requested to connect on the MOMS platform. They will have the ability to approve or deny the connection request.

Once approved, you will receive an email similar to the screenshot below. Now, your location will be able to start drawing for patients from this lab.